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Jay At Play Reviews FlipaZoo to Expand Toy Line

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Jay At Play is expanding its toy line with the imagination-inspiring playtime product FlipaZoo. These animal-shaped toys are smiling, cuddly companions that double as a pillow for naptime or during family travel.

Made from the highest quality, kid-friendly materials, the FlipaZoo product line features 12 stand-out characters. These characters transform from one animal to another through a simple flipping process that is easy for kids to master. The patented “easy flip” design sets this toy apart from similar products on the market. Flipping the soft back of a FlipaZoo is fun for kids and gives them twice the toy.

Jay At Play reviews each new product line thoroughly for safety and usability. This is to ensure kids have good experiences with the toys and that the products have a long useful life. According to the company, “Jay At Play prides itself in creating toys that engage, enlighten and are enjoyed by children in more than 75 countries around the world.”. This track record of success underscores the effectiveness of the Jay At Play reviews process. All of the toys Jay At Play reviews are optimized for functionality.

Within the FlipaZoo product line, there is the original FlipaZoo, FlipaZoo 2.0, FlipaZoo Collectibles, FlipaZoo Flip n Play Friends, Simply Delicious, and FlipaZoo FlipQuin with Reversible Sequins. Each of the products in the line is a different take on the concept and gives kids lots of options for enjoying FlipaZoo. The product line was carefully designed to optimize kids’ experiences while making the brand effective in a retail setting. Effective business relationships are essential for bringing FlipaZoo to kids.

Jay At Play reviews vendor relationships and selects effective marketing channels to optimize results for all stakeholders. The company notes “Here at Jay At Play, we value the relationships with our licensing, distribution and manufacturing partners. These partnerships are best in class and work hand in hand to provide quality that is unparalleled in the toy space.”.

Jay At Play is an innovator and leading producer of dolls, youth electronics, collectibles, crafts, and activities for kids. The company is helmed by industry veterans with decades of proven success in toy development and bringing new products to the market. Jay At Play reviews existing market trends and creates new ones leveraging the skills and insight of its seasoned leadership team.

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